Reduce shopping cart abandonment with accurate pricing and delivery options.

Customers don't want to pay for shipping and they want delivery choices. The more options you can provide early on in the shopping experience, the less likely your customer will abandon your eCommerce site. They also want to track delivery status and have an easy returns process. Transtream Parcel TMS Enterprise Shipping Software provides a multi-carrier, omnichannel API for shopping carts, and customer self-help tracking and returns widgets for your website, that will keep customers coming back for more.

See the ARC Logistics Viewpoint article about how cartonization technology can help businesses instantly calculate number of cartons to more accurately estimate shipping charges and reduce waste, abandonment, and lost margins.

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One single API provides access to hundreds of parcel and freight services, cartonization algorithms, address verification, and other web services.

API Functionality Breadth of Services
Parcel routing, rating, shipping, tracking, and returns UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, LSO, Deliv, Deluxe Delivery, SpeeDee, OnTrac, Golden State Overnight, TNT, Purolator, Dicom, Sameday, Canadapost, Canpar, Cardinal, Midland, ICS, DPD, DeutchePost, Dynamex, and more...
Freight routing, rating, shipping, tracking, and returns UPS, FedEx, YRC, Conway, Estes, Old Dominion, ABF, Southwestern, SAIA, Vitran, Averitt, AAA Cooper, Central Transport, Watkins, Dayton Freight, New England Motor Freight, Pitt Ohio, A. Duie Pyle, Central Freight, Daylight, XPO, Project44, Cerasis, SMC, and more...
Custom carriers Ability to add and define routing, rating, shipping, and tracking for miscellaneous parcel and freight carriers.
Address management Address verification, residential/commercial status, restricted party screening
Regulatory compliance Hazardous material classification and documentation, international documentation, ACE filing
Cartonization Calculate optimum packing or palletization based on SKU weights and dimensions, container sizes, packing rules, and picking zones
Connectivity Page to page data exchange, cloud integration with local data sources and device (scales, dimensioning devices, cameras, scanners, thermal label printers) control

Embed Transtream's route widget in your website or app and provide rate shopping among hundreds of carrier services.

Stop guessing at carrier rates and start protecting your bottom line with Transtream's Route app

  • Instantly calculate # cartons based on SKUs, packing rules, and container sizes
  • Use # cartons calculation to rate shop parcel and freight services
  • Filter by expected time of delivery
  • Integrate with your shopping cart, order entry or purchasing

HubCapp is an Internet of Things (IoT) technology that connects Transtream cloud apps and widgets to web pages, local data sources, and devices.

HubCapp Cloud Services
Connect in real time to local data sources CSVs, databases, files, and apps
Connect in real time to devices Scales, dimensioning devices, scanners, cameras, conveyors, and thermal label printers
Facilitiate page to page communication Exchange data with Transtream widgets embedded in your websites or apps


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Today's customers want what they want, when they want it--and they aren't willing to pay a premium for premium service. Transtream Parcel TMS can help you meet these demands while cutting costs. Get your personalized demo today!

The Pace of Parcel Industry Change Is Accelerating – Are You Being Left Behind?

In the eCommerce world of “my supply chain vs. your supply chain,” shipping is now an enterprise-level activity. Controlling transportation spend in the current environment requires careful planning, decision support, and process automation well upstream of the point of label creation. The latest generation of parcel transportation management system (Parcel TMS) technology provides shippers with all the enterprise controls they need to optimize cost-effective decisions and execution processes, without compromising sky-high customer delivery expectations.

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