While you may not be able to beat every e-tailer at the logistics and shipping game, with the right systems and planning in place, you can compete while keeping your shipping costs in check.

Driven by eCommerce, the shipping landscape is changing. Whether you are competing directly in the eCommerce space, shipping B2C or B2B you need to control your shipping costs, remain competitive, keep customers happy, and retain profits as customers expect more for less (OK, free!).

Overcome the eCommerce Shipping Effect

Download this White Paper for insights on the two-pronged approach that can prime your business to compete while keeping your customers and your profits.

Who will Benefit from this White Paper:

  • eCommerce
  • Retail
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Finance
  • Office Services
  • 3PLs

Some of the steps that you’ll read about that can keep your business in the game, include:

  • Automate Self-Service Returns;
  • Offer Shipping Choices Early and Often;
  • Collect and Centralize Data;
  • Effective Cartonization to Keep Fees Down; and
  • More

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