Ever since the major parcel carriers started charging based on dimensional weight, ensuring optimal packing has been paramount. Avoid or minimize dim rates with Opdimizer, the smart cartonization and rating engine built into Transtream.

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Order entry, purchasing, and shopping carts need to know how many cartons or pallets an order will require in order to accurately estimate shipping costs.  Right now, most estimates are based on guesswork.  Guess too high, lose customers.  Guess too low, goodbye margins.  Pack poorly and incur waste plus unexpected dimensional weight fees.

Download the Opdimizer white paper and learn more about how Opdimizer algorithms can instantly and accurately determine the most cost-effective way of packing an order to reduce shipping costs and waste. 

Minimize Unexpected Dim Fees

Smart carton selection ensures shipments won't be hit with dim rating unnecessarily. When dim weight is unavoidable, Opdimizer does everything it can to minimize it.

Dim Rate Shopping

Carriers have different dim factors. Some carriers don't have any dim factors (USPS zones 1-4). This makes it hard to dim-rate shop, but Opdimizer does it automatically.

Avoid Overcompensation

Just packing everything in small boxes isn't the answer. Opdimizer automatically figures out the best box combination to use to pack an order.