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LTL vs. Parcel 2019 Outlook: Why Shippers Are Increasingly Using Both Posted on February 19, 2019
LTL vs. Parcel Outlook

By Adam Robinson

2019 Will See Carriers Expand LTL, Parcel, and Local Delivery

The outlook for LTL freight and parcel in 2019 shows some significant changes in the shipping industry. Across the board, carriers’ general rate increases are resulting in higher transportation spend for shippers of all sizes. To help manage costs and increase customer satisfaction, shippers are coming to the realization that the days of using either LTL or parcel exclusively are over. They are moving beyond a multi-carrier shipping strategy to a multi-modal strategy. In the age of eCommerce, the size of today's shipments can vary greatly; shippers need to understand where the market stands concerning LTL vs. parcel for 2019 and how the top trends affecting these modes will influence decision-making processes.

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Managing Global Parcel Logistics is Hard. Innovation Will Make it Easy. Posted on February 12, 2019
Global Cargo Chain

Consumers don’t care about global parcel logistics in the same way they don’t care about septic systems, until they don’t work.

eCommerce is driving unprecedented parcel shipping volumes around the globe. It has created a virtual parcel tsunami at the borders that affects everyone in the retail supply chain including suppliers, freight forwarders, customs agents, carriers, and customers.   The complexity of global parcel shipping is increasing, but so is the consumer demand for on-time delivery. The race is on to streamline this process.

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With Multi-Carrier Delivery Becoming More Local, the Need for Automation Increases Posted on February 05, 2019
Gig economy - Local Delivery Services

Whether it’s ship from store or ship from supplier, retailers are implementing omnichannel shipping strategies to get closer to their customers to reduce delivery times and transportation costs. And customers expect more from delivery services than a package left on a doorstep. Increasingly, they want white glove services, especially for appliances, furniture, and other heavy items. These are services that retailers have provided with their own fleet or locally sourced carriers. This has left shippers with the challenge of managing a complex network of local delivery services providers. Multi-carrier is giving way to omni-carrier.

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Pierbridge joins the WiseTech Global group

“Becoming part of the WiseTech Global group is an exciting step forward for Pierbridge. E-commerce is driving worldwide demand for smaller, more frequent, last-mile delivery of shipments across borders. By integrating our Transtream parcel TMS solutions with WiseTech’s CargoWise One platform, we will enable Pierbridge customers and partners to extend control of parcel shipping processes well beyond North America.”
- Bob Malley, Managing Director


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