Enable your employees to ship efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely from their home offices.

Transtream's Home Office solution provides enterprises with visibility and control over employee shipping processes across thousands of home office locations. The Ship from Home Office solution is designed for the occasional shipper to minimize support. A simple, step-by-step workflow prompts employees to select a consignee from an address book, enter in cost center and weight, and Transtream takes care of the rest. Business rules select the best carrier service, prints carrier shipping labels, and provides tracking updates until final delivery. All shipping transactions are stored in a centralized data repository for management reporting and expense accounting.

No more waiting in crowded lines at the local post office or carrier ship center. The Home Office solutiion also provides safer "no contact" shipping as employees can use it to schedule a pickup from the doorstep or deposit packages at lockers or drop-off boxes.

To learn if your business qualifies for a FREE year of Transtream Home Office click here.

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Transtream's Administrator provides you with complete control over all enterprise management processes, including user authorizations and permissions.

Manage users, carriers, and other service providers across thousands of locations

  • Control user authorizations and permissions by user, or user groups
  • Set up carrier connections, routing rules, and rate shop groups
  • Configure peripherals such as scales, scanners, and printers by location 
  • Configure labels, reports, reports, and analytics

Embed Transtream's route widget in your website or app and provide rate shopping among hundreds of carrier services.

Stop guessing at carrier rates and start protecting your bottom line with Transtream's Route app

  • Instantly calculate # cartons based on SKUs, packing rules, and container sizes
  • Use # cartons calculation to rate shop parcel and freight services
  • Filter by expected time of delivery
  • Integrate with your shopping cart, order entry or purchasing

All Transtream transactions are stored in a big data warehouse, with dashboards and analytic tools to help you monitor enterprise performance.

Transtream analytics provide you with the tools you need to manage enterprise shipping processes and costs.

  • Data warehouse captures all Transtream enterprise transportation data
  • Configurable dashboards provide analytic views based on role
  • Monitor and measure operational and cost information
  • Drill down to transaction level detail

Transtream provides powerful analytics to monitor logistics and transportation activity across your entire extended enterprise.

Enterprise Management Console

Transtream's Enterprise Management console provides complete visibility and control over performance and expenses

  • Dashboard provides quick view of role-specific KPIs 
  • Measure operational performance and productivity
  • Measure carrier performance, costs, trends
  • Measure budget variances
  • Measure carrier invoice variances

Get a FREE 1-Year Subscription to Transtream Home Office

To help other organizations manage through the current crisis, we are offering qualified businesses a free one-year subscription to Transtream Home Office that will enable your employees to automate shipping from their home office.

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