Pierbridge develops transportation management software (TMS) that enables businesses to reduce costs while streamlining supply chain processes.

Pierbridge and its employees constantly aim to provide products and services that meet, and if possible exceed, the requirements and expectations of its customers from initial contact, during design and development, through to delivery and support. Our Quality Policy has the commitment of Managing Director Bob Malley and the entire Executive Team, who will ensure that it is communicated to all levels of the organization. They will monitor the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, and promote its use to drive continuous improvement initiatives.

Our Policy is to:

  • Actively engage all of our employees in the promotion and reinforcement of quality-focused business processes that are fully committed to this Policy. 
  • Stay committed to our stated cultural value of "Learning" to ensure Pierbridge maintains its reputation as an innovative TMS industry leader.
  • Actively engage with customers, carriers, and business partners to maintain a comprehensive understanding of our marketplace and the critical needs and challenges our customers face.
  • Strive to maintain our standing as a trusted business partner by adhering to our stated cultural values of "Impact," "Openness," and "Innovation."
  • Ensure we develop and deliver best-in-class products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations and industry best practices.
  • Comply with, and where possible exceed, all relevant legislative, regulatory, and best practice compliance requirements.
  • Maintain a QMS compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and monitor our progress against our objectives to drive continuous improvement and commitment to the aforementioned Policy principles.
  • Communicate our Quality Policy to employees and promote use of the QMS throughout our organization to the benefit of our products, services, and ultimately, our customers and partners.