Improve visibility and control over desktop and mail center shipping expense management.

Increasingly Mail Centers are being asked to handle more than just mail. Parcel, courier, inter-office, and sometimes the occasional freight shipments are required. Transteam Parcel TMS Enterprise Shipping Software provides a Mail Center app that enables multi-modal shipping execution and other capabilities that Mail Centers use to centrally manage office shipping. Transtream Mail Center will access and authorize shipment requisitions created at the desktop, as well as generate bulk shipments for mail lists. Expenses are tracked by cost center for chargeback purposes.

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Transtream enables mail centers to efficiently process desktop shipment authorization forms and track expenditures by cost center.

Manage all outbound packages from corporate mail centers.

  • Access and process shipment requisition forms
  • Validate addresses and residential vs. commercial status
  • Process shipments by any parcel or freight carrier
  • Process shipments from bulk lists
  • Report on shipping expenditures by cost center

A convenient and cost-effective way to control employee desktop shipping, in the office or at home, while tracking expenses.

Track employee shipping expenses in offices across your enterprise or at home.  Make it easy for everyone to comply with corporate shipping policies.

  • Access Office app by any desktop or mobile browser
  • Authenticate and authorize user to prevent rogue shipping
  • Provide access to corporate and personal address books
  • Control rate selection by user groups, rate shop by calendar view
  • Print carrier label or shipment requisition forms at the desktop

Complete shipment visibility from warehouses, stores, offices, and suppliers, right down to line item detail level.

Complete visibility and shipment status across the extended enterprise

  • Automatically provide customers with shipping level detail
  • Display shipment level detail and tracking status
  • Drill down to display package level, content image, and line item detail 
  • Provide carton content image captured at time of shipment for POD

All Transtream transactions are stored in a big data warehouse, with dashboards and analytic tools to help you monitor enterprise performance.

Transtream analytics provide you with the tools you need to manage enterprise shipping processes and costs.

  • Data warehouse captures all Transtream enterprise transportation data
  • Configurable dashboards provide analytic views based on role
  • Monitor and measure operational and cost information
  • Drill down to transaction level detail

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Let us help you find dollars lost on shipping with an assessment of your mail center shipping systems and operations.

The Pace of Parcel Industry Change Is Accelerating – Are You Being Left Behind?

In the eCommerce world of “my supply chain vs. your supply chain,” shipping is now an enterprise-level activity. Controlling transportation spend in the current environment requires careful planning, decision support, and process automation well upstream of the point of label creation. The latest generation of parcel transportation management system (Parcel TMS) technology provides shippers with all the enterprise controls they need to optimize cost-effective decisions and execution processes, without compromising sky-high customer delivery expectations.

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