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Reduce customer attrition with shipment tracking and self-help website widgets.

eCommerce has ushered in the age of "informed delivery." Customers want to know when and how a package will be delivered. You need to arm customer service with the tools they need to keep ahead of customer requests. Transtream Parcel TMS Enterprise Shipping Software sends out shipment tracking messages to customers at time of shipping and then tracks those shipments to their point of delivery. View app searches for shipments by any field and provides detailed status. Embed Transtream's customer self-service tracking and returns widgets in your eCommerce website and improve customer service while driving SEO and upsell opportunities.

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Unhappy Customers Cost More Than Dollars

Keeping your customrs informed eary and often can help keeep them happy and coming back. Transtream Parcel TMS can help you keep them informed with automatic tracking messages, self-service returms and more.

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Download Healthcare Case Study to learn how Transtream Healthcare Logistics Widget provided a dental lab with a way to provide their dentist office customers with an easy and convenient way to ship cases.

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