They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this video is worth more than that. The way you pack your parcels can cost you both dollars today in the way of DIM fees, but potentially dollars later from unhappy customers.

With a carrier's trucks busting at the seams, they are increasingly penalizing shippers that don't pack correctly. In addition to DIM fees, some are even refusing packages from high-volume shippers. Packing more efficiently can help you overcome the carrier capacity crunch. 

Don't Be Full of Hot Air!

You see, customers hate receiving air (not to mention the possibility of receiving broken items from shipping items packed in cartons that are too large or too small):

  • They realize the waste of a big carton for a small item
  • They are left with packing materials to recycle
  • They may not just laugh at your packing, they may shop elsewhere

Carriers hate shipping air—well, they hate shipping air for free.

  • You are more likely than ever to pay an “air tax” for uncontrolled packing
  • Overcompensate with too many boxes and you may pay more
  • Don’t negotiate DIM rate and you may pay more

Learn how to cut costs, keep customers happy, and protect your reputation by watching this 3-minute video on common packing pitfalls.