Retail sales are booming, and eCommerce continues to take a larger percentage of the overall retail market. At the same time, flobal eCommerce is growing at twice the rate of domestic online sales as customers are more likely than ever to buy what they want wherever the reseller may be.

To keep costs and delivery times down, online and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are adopting omnichannel fulfillment moving from centralized warehouse fulfillment to ione delivering from an endless aisle made up of storefronts, suppliers and directly from manufacturers. Shipping directly to the consumer from these decentralized sources helps to cut stock outages, expedite delivery at reduced shipping costs, while improving customer loyalty with more last-mile delivery choices.

But with this shift comes a range of new management challenges, especially cross-border fulfillment. The next generation of global eCommerce requires development of global parcel chains capable of supporting more carriers, modes, shipping volumes, and compliance regulations.

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Bob Malley, Managing Director of Pierbridge, Inc., and Jerry Porter, Consultant at Pierbridge /WiseTech Global a for a lively discussion on the current global parcel chain trends.

This webinar is full of information and insights for anyone involved in the retail supply chain who wants to:

• Turn their brick-and-mortar footprint into a competitive advantage with enterprise ship-from-store, buy online pick up in store (BOPIS), and returns management solutions
• Evolve the global omnichannel supply chain to incorporate drop shipping, customs compliance, and cross-border consolidation
• Expand carrier networks to include local couriers and white-glove delivery, and delivery destinations such as lockers and in-store pickups

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