eCommerce volumes have left parcel and LTL carriers with diminished capacity. They have responded by expanding dimensional-based (DIM) rating policies, making it more likely than ever that shippers will pay a lot more if they do not change the way they cartonize and palletize orders.

Watch this on-demand webinar as Pierbridge Managing Director Bob Malley shares insights into how shippers can utilize advanced cartonization algorithms to help optimize packing and palletization.

Key Takeaways

Five tips to help reduce unexpected DIM fees:

1. Avoid packing in cartons that are too large

2. Avoid packing in cartons that are too small

3. Avoid carriers' zone-based dimensional rating biases

4. Reduce DIM fees by DIM factor rate shopping and negotiation

5. Use cartonization technology to take the guesswork out of quoting transportation costs and fulfilling orders

Watch this on-demand webinar “Cartonization: The Key to Reducing Unexpected DIM Fees & Waste” and learn how to keep your costs down and customer experience soaring in this 30-minute webinar.