eCommerce shipping has accelerated during the COVID-19 crisis. To keep up, shippers have increasingly turned to omnichannel shipping strategies across the supply chain. One approach gaining a hold is to create a warehouse-in-a-warehouse.

The warehouse-in-a-warehouse fulfillment strategy is a dedicated area that is reserved for eCommerce. Everything needed to pick an order, pack a carton, and manage the parcel shipment is at hand while still being integrated with existing inventory, order management, and accounting systems. This cuts the investment needed to adapt to the fulfillment needs of individual eCommerce merchants, while also providing scalability as the business grows.

Watch this 50-minute on-demand webinar for real-world scenarios showcasing the power of the warehouse-in-a-warehouse to ramp up your omnichannel fulfillment strategy, including:

  • Allowing for multiple orders picked simultaneously by various users
  • Enabling cross-docking to increase the order to ship cycle times
  • Generating optimal carton selection and packing instructions to reduce shipping costs and damage of products
  • Using system-generated advanced packing lists and customer labels
  • Maintaining complete visibility and traceability of orders in transit
  • Leveraging ASN capabilities of order shipment details


Bob Malley, Managing Director, Pierbridge

Martin Hespeler, Vice President, Americas, Microlistics