Trends are accelerated and inflated by a crisis. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce spending has increased even more than its accelerating pace of a few months ago, straining carrier capacity. At the same time, consumer expectations for environmentally-friendly packaging is one of the most important drivers of customer loyalty, and large eCommerce marketplaces are pushing their supply chains to implement frustration-free packaging.

Innovating product packaging and order packing for eCommerce fulfillment delivers:

• A differentiated and improved customer experience through superior technical design
• A minimized environmental packaging impact through cartonization
• A more straightforward fulfillment process at the lowest delivered cost

To remain successful during the crisis, and become even more so as we emerge from COVID-19, it is vital that eCommerce shippers, 3PLs, and manufacturers focus on reinventing packaging that delights customers, is compliant with supply chain partners, reduces waste, and minimizes costs.

In this 50-minute on-demand webinar, you will learn:

• Strategies to reduce shipping so much air and filler
• How to implement frustration-free packaging
• How to meet changing customer expectations for sustainable shipping
• How to streamline packing and shipping processes
• How to reduce the overall costs of goods delivered

Bob Malley, Managing Director, Pierbridge
Kyle Ous, Sr. Manager, Packaging Optimization Practice, Chainalytics
Steve Cooper, Sr Vice President Strategy, Beneship

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