Like the video? See Cross-Border Consolidation in Action!

International shipping brings its own set of difficulties including product-specific cross-border regulations, landed cost calculations, and tracking. Still, many ship international parcels one at a time as if they were going across town, impacting delivery times and costs.

Transtream multi-carrier parcel management system (MCPMS) enables you to put process controls and strategies, such as consolidated cross-border shipping, in place early in the process to save time and money when shipping globally.

Consolidated cross-border shipping is a method of combining multiple international shipments to a common destination country into one cross-border shipment.

In three simple steps in the Transtream MCPMS warehouse app, users can quickly and efficiently process a consolidated cross-border shipment. The individual packages are labeled for final delivery, then palletized with an overall label printed via Transtream MCPMS to the destination country, and shipped as a single unit after being placed in a container that was opened at the beginning of the day using sizing and other business rules based on the needs of the organization. At the point of destination, the consolidated shipment is separated (deconsolidated) into the individual packages and injected into the local parcel delivery system for delivery to their respective destinations.

Learn how Transtream consolidates multiple cross-border packages into a single shipment with last-mile labels to ease customs clearance and speed delivery.

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