No longer are shoppers limited by in-stock inventory at the closest mall. Driven by the growth of eCommerceToday’s shoppers — especially younger ones — are now shopping globally from their laptops, tablets and phones, driving parcel shipping around the world. Meanwhile, big eCommerce is shifting the customer mindset toward fast and free shipping, regardless of distance and price of the item being shipped.

The Global Parcel Tsunami is Here. Can Your Cross-Border Supply Chain Ride the Wave?

From the first mile through the last mile, today’s shippers are facing challenges to their global cargo chain. But in the face of these challenges, smart shippers are finding solutions to simplify their cross-border shipping supply chain and taking advantage of the opportunities an endless aisle delivers.

Join us for this on-demand webinar as Pierbridge Managing Director Bob Malley takes an in-depth look at the challenges as well as the solutions, such as:


  • Not every product can be shipped to every country
  • Scaling “up and out” to achieve global supply chain coverage
  • Selecting the right partners and suppliers that offer a mix of value, trust, and stability


  • Leveraging strategic, long-term partnerships
  • Building a global cargo chain
  • Blurring of traditional shipping roles