Support Your Shipping with the Five Final Mile TMS Value Pillars

Final mile delivery volumes continue to grow as parcel shipments are projected to double by 2026. Meanwhile, factors such as constrained carrier capacity, driver shortages, and higher fuel costs carrier rates are are pushing carrier rates higher and higher. At the same time, demand for a wider variety of free delivery choices along with reduced carbon impact from consumers make from consumers are adding pressure on retail and eCommerce shippers.

If online sellers don’t make and meet these delivery promises and expectations, they will lose customer brand loyalty and will be unable to compete in the surging B2C eCommerce market.  

In response, shippers and their service and technology partners are implementing omnichannel delivery strategies and diversifying their carrier mix. But these require more extensive planning and decision support throughout the order-to-delivery cycle, especially for shippers and shipping technology that rely on a primary parcel carrier with unlimited capacity.  They need to more quickly add carriers and more cost-effectively manage a more complex distribution chain.


Who it’s for:

  • Retail and online sellers looking for better ways to plan, execute, monitor, and analyze final mile shipments.
  • 3PLs, manufacturers, and supply chain technology providers who want to better serve consumers by perfecting final-mile delivery on behalf of their customers.
  • Internal operations and technology teams looking to solve final-mile delivery challenges and take advantage of the eCommerce boom


What you will learn:

  • What are the five final mile value pillars, and why do they matter in the B2C delivery economy
  • How to apply freight shipping optimization strategies at the speed of parcel shipping
  • Real-world examples and scenarios on the final-mile criteria and instructions that will deliver better control, lower per-shipment costs, overcome carrier capacity constraints, make sustainable shipping sustainable, and improve customer delivery experiences
  • How final mile TMS technology can adapt legacy parcel TMS systems to meet today’s delivery challenges



Mark Picarello, Managing Director, Pierbridge - WiseTech Global US
Bob Malley, CEO, Sendflex Technology


Robert Bowman, Editor-in-ChiefSupplyChainBrain