Buy? Build? Get the Best of Both in Your Shipping Software

Retailers, online merchants, and the 3PLs and manufacturers that support them know how to build brands and sell products. With the growth of eCommerce, omnichannel fulfillment is more challenging and more vital than ever. However, when it comes to implementing shipping technology that solves critical final-mile delivery challenges, The decision typically comes down to building in-house and buying off-the-shelf.

Builders want a wholly-owned solution to deliver high control, customization, and differentiation. Buyers want faster deployment, lower upfront costs, and top-notch technology from purchasing a shipping solution.

It’s no longer an either/or scenario. You can get the best of both Build and Buy by changing your mindset to incorporate deployment flexibility, turn-key upgrades, configurability over customization in your shipping software.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to get the best of both, including:

  • Current final-mile delivery challenges and what your fulfillment technology needs to overcome them
  • What are the pros and cons of building vs. buying shipping technology, and how to balance them
  • The aspects of the customer delivery experience where it makes the most sense to buy and those where it makes the most sense to build


Mike Graves, VP Product Management, Pierbridge, WiseTech Global US
Mark Picarello, Managing Director, Pierbridge, WiseTech Global US