Same-Day Shipping to the Retail Rescue

Increasingly, same-day deliveries are becoming an important part of B2C and B2B shipping, where expectations are high, and timelines are tight.

Whether an envelope, a parcel, or something bigger — sometimes it takes speed to save the day. Incorporating same-day delivery into your omnichannel shipping strategy can be complicated. However, getting it right will make you the hero. Add to that, heroic acts like super delivery speed, white-glove service, set-up and haul away delivery, and other specialized services will give customers more choice and a better experience with your brand.

B2C shippers can get a grandma’s birthday gift to her for the big day. B2B shippers can get a vital part delivered before excessive downtime. Office shippers can ensure their contracts are executed in time.

If you want to learn to be a Same-Day Superhero, watch this On-Demand panel discussion done as part of the ConnectShip REACH Industry Webinar Series, where Bob Malley, Managing Director at Pierbridge, Jim Clifford, Business Development Senior Manager for ConnectShip, and Lance Healy, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer for Banyan Technology talk about how same-day delivery can save your day. Cape optional.