Top students are looking for more out of their college choice than a great education, campus, and networking opportunities for the future. They are looking for a lifestyle to go along with that education. The same can be said for both faculty and staff you are competing with companies from a multitude of sectors and industries.

At some point, most people need to ship a personal package – important paperwork, a gift for a friend or a family member, items they’ve sold online, etc. Many large organizations formally or informally supported personal shipping. Schools can offer both students and staff a benefit that can help deliver lower costs, time savings, and improved quality of life.

Join Scott Moore and Mike Graves for this on-demand webinar to learn how Transtream Personal Shipping is a no-cost, low-maintenance benefit that can help your institution attract and retain best-in-class students and staff by offering:

  • Improved engagement, recruitment, and retention of students and staff
  • Increased productive time
  • Reduced “rogue” shipping
  • Improved safety of keeping students on campus
  • Reduced pressure on campus mailroom
  • Reduced accounting processing times and headaches
  • Eliminate unrecoverable shipping costs and post-shipment charges
  • Reduced shipping costs with discounted carrier rates