The Roadmap to an Optimized and Compliant Shipping Practice, Part 3: How technology helps to pull things together

In our first episode, we talked about making sure that you have the right information for a successful and efficient shipping practice. That information included accurate dims, weights, descriptions, and UNIDs for DG shipments.

In part two we looked at where are you shipping from, including stores, warehouses, and distributions centers; who is processing those shipments; what systems they use to process the shipments; and, what training they need to use those systems successfully.

In the final part of our webinar series, we look at how technology enables an optimized and compliant shipping practice, including:

  • Dangerous Goods and Carrier Compliance
  • Omnichannel fulfillment
  • System knowledge vs Tribal knowledge 
  • Integrated tools at the point of execution 


Watch this on-demand webinar to ensure your hazmat and omnichannel shipping strategies have the technology to back them up. 



risten Dapore is the Director of Business Strategy for Labelmaster Software

Kristen Dapore, Director of Business Strategy for Labelmaster Software

Kristen has been with Labelmaster for 11 years. She graduated from the University of North Carolina with a background in business and has worked to help the software division continue to grow and develop as a dangerous goods shipping technology offer for customers.


Bob Liva, Alliances and Partnerships, Pierbridge

Through a series of leadership roles since the inception of computerized parcel shipping with organizations such as ConnectShip/UPS, Pitney Bowes, and Pierbridge, Bob has worked with some of the nation's largest shippers including electronics manufacturers, software distributors, and retailers.