As many businesses shift from running four offices to 4,000 with stay-at-home orders becoming the norm during the COVID-19 crisis, business continuity plans are being put to the test. While living in a digital age makes doing business remotely easier, what used to be a quick trip to the mailroom to send a contract to a customer, a sample to a prospect, or even a personal shipment is now a bit more complicated.

Not all work can be digitized. Some work requires physical correspondence. Mailrooms centralize the management of outbound material Decentralized home office shipping undermines an organization’s ability to control shipping processes and expenditures, leading to issues such as:

  • Loss of cost control and accounting
  • Drop in employee productivity
  • Employee health and absenteeism concerns

Watch this on-demand webinar, for insights on how you can maintain control of shipping in a decentralized environment while employees are working and shipping from home offices instead of through a centralized location, including:

  • Centralized Cloud Administration
  • Multi-carrier Diversity
  • Simple, Intuitive Ship from Home Office Workflows
  • “No Contact” Shipping
  • Centralized Data Store
  • Reporting and Dashboard Analytics

Speakers: Bob Malley, Managing Director of Pierbridge. For over 25 years, Bob Malley has helped thousands of businesses reduce costs and streamline logistics with transportation software solutions. As managing director of Pierbridge, Inc., Bob has built an international organization that has successfully established Transtream as an industry-leading multi-carrier management platform that powers some of the largest shipping operations in the world.

Mike Graves VP, Product Management. 'Mike joined Pierbridge in February 2017. Mike oversees all product management and product marketing aspects of Pierbridge’s multi-carrier shipping software, Transtream, from inception to market launch. A former Marine, Mike has more than 25 years of experience in sales and operations, including 14 years at Pitney Bowes, where he was National Channel Sales Director, and Fasser where he served as Vice President of Sales and Operation.

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