Like the video? Learn more in this webinar "Take the Mystery out of Global Delivery"

Watch this on-demand webinar as we look at overcoming some of the key challenges in shipping globally, including:

  • Customs Compliance: Without accurate and compliant cross-border documentation, it is easy for shipments to be delayed in customs and lead to sanctions. 
  • De Minimis Dilemma: U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently raised the de minimis value threshold, paving the way for more package volumes to flow through customs with minimum screening. 
  • Landed Costs Calculations: Retailers need to know the total “landed cost” for goods transported across borders, whether they charge consumers for shipping or not. 
  • Tracking: As goods move from one mode to another, consolidated, deconsolidated, cross-docked, and reloaded, documentation and shipping data multiply into different formats and standards that are difficult to correlate and track. 

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