Global shopping is increasingly a big part of that volume as consumer confidence in ordering something from another country has increased.  This is on top of the already substantial international flow of goods from the traditional supply chain. 

 It is apparent that global shopping and shipping it is here to stay.  But it is fraught with regulatory and operational challenges, such as:

  • Maintaining Customs Compliance
  • Meeting Border Security Requirements
  • Addressing the De Minimis Dilemma
  • True Landed Costs Calculations
  • More

Cross-border Consolidation with FedEx’s international services is a shipping tactic that can overcome these challenges and reduce costs without sacrificing reliability and peace of mind. 

Spend about 10 minutes with Pierbridge VP of Product Management Mike Graves and Jeff Barrett, Business Application Advisor for FedEx, for this micro-webinar and learn to “Cut Costs and Risks with Cross-Border Consolidation and FedEx’s International Services.”