After working with a shipping technology company for three years without being able to resolve carrier choice issues, Colorado State University (CSU) issued a second request for proposals (RFP) for its multi-carrier shipping needs. Additionally, it needed the solution to integrate with its advanced financial software.

Working with Pierbridge’s development team, Colorado State University was able to not only have its users choose from its preferred network of carriers but also seamlessly integrate with its advanced financial software to ensure the appropriate departments are correctly billed for shipping services.

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Critical Issues

• Speed to deployment
• Previous system limited to a single carrier
• Manual data entry
• Inability to rate shop
• Inflexible shipping solutions
• Inability to accurately account for shipping costs


• Fast time to benefit with SaaS deployment
• Many carriers, one platform
• Increased shipping automation
• Ability to rate shop multiple carriers
• Ability to adapt to CSU requirements
• Accurate shipping expense accounting