See Personal Shipping in Action!

Transtream Personal Shipping is a web-enabled app that everyone in your organization can use to ship their personal packages. Features include: 

  •  Easy to implement
  •  Secure, third-party credit card processing
  •  Shipping wizard, address validation, and address books
  • Can use the organization’s negotiated shipping rates, and/or third-party discounted shipping rates 

Some of the benefits you will realize include:

  • Improved engagement, recruitment, and retention
  • Reduced unproductive time away from the desk
  • Reduced “rogue” shipping
  • Reduced accounting processing times 
  • Reduced unrecoverable shipping costs and post-shipment charges

Fill out the form today for a demo to learn how adding personal shipping to your benefits menu can help you recruit, retain, engage, and boost the productivity of the best people.