Take a look around the Internet this time of year and you’ll find news articles and blogs filled with end-of-the-year lists. Well, who are we to not join in on the fun. So, when kicking around ideas for our end-of-the-year list, we decided to look at ourselves. Here is a list of five of our favorite—and most popular—blogs of 2018 so far. (Hey, this one may just beat them all, but we can’t see the future!)

When Milliseconds Count: Is Your Cloud TMS Ready for Production-Level Performance?

This blog focused on the need for speed in today’s fast-paced and quickly evolving parcel shipping space. To keep up with both competitors and customer demands, shippers need a system that performs at high velocity in a multi-carrier, omnichannel environment.

How to Minimize 5 Unexpected Carrier Surcharges That Are Feasting on Your Bottom Line

Even as shippers prepare for 2019 general shipping rate increases from major carriers, there is a good chance of transportation spend being dinged by surcharges and fees. Base rates are increasing at twice the rate of inflation, not including the introduction of new surcharges. This blog digs into ways to control transportation costs by focusing on five unexpected surcharges ranging from DIM fees to third-party billing.

The Retail Returns Race

Studies show that returns policies—especially ones that offer free returns—are almost as important to consumers as the price of products and shipping. This blog takes a look at the power of well-executed returns to turn what is often seen as a drain on resources into a competitive advantage.

How IoT is Enabling Enterprise Parcel Shipping Systems

SaaS parcel shipping solutions used to be only for small shippers. Not anymore. The Internet of Things (IoT) connects shipping apps to local data sources, scales, thermal label printers, and other material handling devices. In this blog, we look at the ways SaaS is a powerful option for enterprise-level shipping operations thanks to the rise of IoT and cloud-based TMS.

Global Parcel Shipping Growth Offers Opportunities for 3PLs

OK, this blog is a bit of a hybrid. Sure it is a blog, but it is also an infographic, so it’s one where you get more bang for your buck. But whether you read the full blog or just peruse the infographic, you’ll find out about the growth of international shipping and why 3PLs are jumping in to help shippers with everything from rate negotiations to picking the perfect parcel shipping platform to cross-border consolidation and more.

So there you have it. It wasn’t easy for us to narrow it down, and there are many more blogs for you to catch up on that cover multi-carrier shipping, eCommerce, Saas TMS, the growth of the gig shipping economy, and more.

Happy reading and Happy New Year!