Labelmaster HazMat Regulations 2019

2018 was a relatively quiet year in the Dangerous Goods (DG) galaxy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t significant changes you need to take into account this year in your multi-carrier shipping strategy. 

From lithium batteries to new regulatory publications and more, the right technology can help shippers stay compliant with new and old regulations. 

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring LabelMaster’s Manager, Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, Brian Beetz and Pierbridge’s Director of Product Management, Mike Graves for an in-depth look at 2019 Regulated Shipping: Regulatory Changes Shipping Pros Need to Know & How Technology Can Bridge the Gap. 

During this live webinar, shippers from all industries will learn some of the key factors in staying compliant and cost-efficient when shipping hazardous goods, including: 

Key Takeaways  

• What, exactly, are Dangerous Goods? 
• Changes to Hazmat/Dangerous Goods Shipping Regulations 
• New Lithium Battery Labels and Markings 
• New 5-part Hazardous Waste Manifests 
• Coming in 2019: U.S. DOT/PHMSA to Harmonize with U.N. Model Regulations and ICAO 
• How Technology Makes Regulated Shipping as easy as Non-regulated Shipping 
• More 

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