International shippers are facing higher rates since the calendar flipped to July, as a September 2019 agreement among member countries of the 192-member Universal Postal Union (UPU) took effect, with the U.S.’s self-declared terminal dues rates going into effect for inbound letters and small parcels. Terminal dues are the fees that a national postal service is charged to have packages delivered in another country.

Managing cross-border shipping has many challenges. And controlling costs has always been top among them.

Shipping internationally takes deft skill to manage the wide array of global, national, regional, and local carriers not to mention finding the best rates, printing labels, and tracking shipments, all while staying compliant with U.S. Customs, hazmat, and other regulatory mandates.

One way to manage the process of international shipping when using UPS’ Worldwide Economy shipping services is by incorporating Transtream’s cross-border consolidation capabilities, which are already built into shipping apps widely used by some of the largest shippers in the world.

In an easy three-step process, you can quickly and easily set up individual labeling for "child" products as they are loaded into master containers destined for delivery to more than 200 countries. Since the individual items are already labeled for final destinations, they are quickly injected into that country’s UPS delivery network and sent out for delivery.

Some of the benefits of Transtream’s UPS Worldwide Economy cross-border shipping capabilities are:

  • Automation: One app streamlines processing of:
    • Express: UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Worldwide Express Plus, UPS Worldwide Expedited, UPS Worldwide Saver, UPS Worldwide Express Saver
    • Economy: UPS Worldwide Economy (DDU), UPS Worldwide (DDP)
    • Freight: UPS Worldwide Express Freight, UPS Worldwide Freight Plus, UPS Worldwide Express Freight Midday
    • Real-time rating: Calculate UPS Worldwide rates in real time via UPS’ API or UPS ConnectShip server.
  • Label Printing: Print and apply UPS compliant labels for all UPS domestic and international services and also to containers.
  • Tracking: Track all shipments and drill down to package and line item detail.
  • Integration: Access order data to eliminate manual data entry and upload UPS Worldwide Economy shipping details including rates and tracking numbers to customer fulfillment system.

Before shipping your next international container full of items to be delivered to doorsteps around the world, watch this short video below to see how Transtream's cross-border consolidation feature can help you manage UPS Worldwide Economy services.