Pierbridge's HubCapp connectivity platform makes it easy for Transtream shipping apps, whether implemented on-premise or in the Cloud, to securely print carrier labels and shipping documents on printers that are outside of the corporate network domain.

Data integration has enabled suppliers and buyers to share data to streamline and accelerate the movement of goods through the supply chain. The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up new possibilities for supply chain partners to securely share devices, such as printers. For buyers who may want to print documents and labels in a desired format at their suppliers' locations, for example, this was easier said than done ... until now.

HubCapp "agents" can deliver one or more label or shipping documents from a Transtream shipping app (running on a PC, Mac, or mobile browser) to any printer connected to any server or workstation, anywhere in the world. This new capability greatly expands supply chain collaboration.

"HubCapp's technology is enabling companies to completely rethink how and where they print documents without having to give up control of formatting and branding," said Bob Malley, Pierbridge CEO. "Whether Transtream is deployed on-premise or in the Cloud, HubCapp provides a simple means of achieving very practical platform-independent connectivity results."

HubCapp also enables remote control of web cams, scales, and other devices, as well as database access. For more information on HubCapp, visit http://pierbridge.com/products...