Companies rely on software as a service (SaaS) apps. According to the 2020 SaaS trends report by Blissfully, the average small business uses 102 different apps, while each mid-market business employs an average of 137 apps. Enterprises have, on average, 288 different SaaS apps in usage across their businesses. Furthermore, the report said that SaaS app spending and subscriptions for all size companies are on the rise this year — and that was before more employees shifted to working from home offices due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Regardless of how tech-savvy employees may be, that is a lot of apps to learn, let alone master.

One might think that SaaS and cloud computing are beautifully simple: sign up, log in, and start doing your work. Of course, this is not quite how it works. While SaaS software, such as Pierbridge’s multi-carrier management solution, is typically quick to implement and use, some training is needed to ensure that the investment provides the best returns possible. In fact, the IT Trends Report 2020 found that 48 percent of respondents stated that new technology professionals entering the workforce aren’t equipped with the skills necessary to manage modern, distributed IT environments.

Transtream University certifies successful shipping

To provide IT personnel with a way to come more quickly up to speed, Pierbridge has launched Transtream University, which houses an array of training modules that teach users how to implement Transtream, complete customizations, and learn about additional options for even greater satisfaction.

“Pierbridge’s primary focus is to drive customer successes,” says Lance Crowe, Senior Instructional Designer. “Not everyone absorbs information in the same way, so Pierbridge provides multiple ways for users to learn about specific topics, answer questions, and develop their skills.”

The Transtream Document site is designed to allow users to quickly and easily access specific information and then choose what they want to view, a la carte, including documents and videos. Beyond the module courses, the Transtream Video Channel offers shorter, more directed “how-to” videos.

“All of this is provided virtually for 24/7 access and allows users to learn at their own pace. Within each learning module, users are initially provided with the basic knowledge they will need before watching a video performing the topic at hand,” says Crowe. “Then they get the opportunity to practice their new knowledge and skills in a simulated environment, with helpful tips provided on-screen should they get stuck.”

Even as the country slowly emerges from stay-at-home orders, workers both remotely and on-site will increasingly use SaaS platforms for a myriad of tasks. Pierbridge’s Transtream University wants to make using and administering Transtream as seamless as possible for every role, so companies get the maximum benefit, with a minimum learning curve.