Consumers from all over the world visit websites and order goods without much thought about how they will be delivered. Now, Pierbridge's parcel TMS platform, Transtream, makes it easy for merchants to fulfill orders by automating regulatory customs compliance, and reduces cost by integrating FedEx international consolidation services.

Transtream supports these FedEx services:

  • International Economy DirectDistribution - This service is a cost-effective way to move shipments from manufacturing points in 25 Asia-Pacific and Latin America countries to more than 55 countries worldwide, including the U.S. FedEx clears consolidated shipments through customs on a single commercial Invoice, and then delivers to the addresses you’ve specified in the destination country.
  • International DirectDistribution Air Solutions - A customized air solution for shipping from Asia, Europe, and Latin America into the U.S. and Canada. The shipment clears customs as one entry and then is delivered to multiple destinations via the FedEx network, without the need for a warehouse or distribution center.
  • International DirectDistribution Surface Solutions - Ship a consolidated shipment across the Canadian or Mexican border to multiple recipients in the US using FedEx Express or your own carrier.
  • International Ground Distribution - FedEx International Ground® Distribution is a distribution service for consolidated shipments to Canada. Once your shipment arrives at a FedEx Ground hub in Canada, FedEx Ground breaks down the consolidation and delivers individual shipments to the final destination.

Transtream streamlines the process by opening a "virtual" trailer for an outbound location to a drop ship point in the destination country. The user processes shipments using FedEx services that are valid for the IPD solution being used. At the end of the day the user closes the trailer generating waybills, commercial invoices, packing lists, and other documentation required to clear customs.

Clearance documents do not travel with the actual shipment but travel separately as a FedEx International Priority® shipment™. A separate label is automatically produced for documents when the Consolidated Shipment is opened. The available documents are the consolidated CI, CRN, Packing List, and Visa Manifest.

"FedEx has really stepped up to the plate and met the growing demand for cost-effective international shipping services," said Bob Malley, Pierbridge CEO. "We expect to see more of these kinds of services in the future."