Pierbridge announced the release of its next generation Transtream Office app, designed to help office workers select the best parcel carrier service, automate shipping labels (or requisitions) and track delivery to recipients from their desktops. Transtream Office apps provide businesses with the ability to manage expenses by cost center.

The app includes the following features:

  • Multi-carrier support: processes shipments by UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and hundreds of other regional carrier services.
  • Cloud or enterprise: Transtream can be deployed on premise or securely accessed from the cloud by thousands of users by any PC, Mac, or mobile browser.
  • Mailroom management: create shipment requisitions at the desktop and then scan them in the mailroom for centralized shipping management. Integrates with USPS indicia-based postage services for complete control of shipping expenditures.
  • Batch processing: import lists and filter address book recipients to automate batch shipping
  • Address validation: checks validity of recipient address and determines residential vs. commercial address status.
  • International: automates generation of custom forms and electronic filings for international shipments.
  • Shipment tracking: tracks shipments with line item detail. Automates proof of delivery (POD).
  • Cost center control: monitors expenditures by cost center and business rules ensure that departments use only those services authorized by management.
  • Analytics: provides managers with reporting and dashboards to track carrier performance as well as expected versus actual costs.

The new Transtream Office app release comes on the heels of the new Transtream Warehouse app, which is also designed for PC, Mac, or mobile browser access, on premise, cloud, or hybrid environments.