As you’ve read here before, Transtream has helped shippers pack for profits with its cartonization artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Well, did you know that the same technology that determines how to pack the perfect carton can be used to create plans for loading containers? What? You didn’t?! Well, read on.

The term cartonization is used when products are being loaded into cartons. When these or other cartons need to be palletized or loaded into a gaylord, trailer or large container, the algorithms perform the same magic: finding the best way to do it, taking into account transportation cost, sequencing, centers of gravity, and other business rules.

Combined with our Transtream multi-carrier management system, containerization takes all the guesswork out of packing and loading, saving time and money.

“It all works pretty much the same way, be it a carton, pallet or container, with users entering order information, selecting a specific item or group to load into, and having the results serve multiple benefits,” said Lance Crowe, Senior Instructional Designer for Pierbridge. “These can be to pull or order the correctly-sized item, rate or rate shop the shipment (even for up-front quoting), and to have SKUs cartonized, then palletized, and then containerized.

​The top challenges containerization overcomes are:

  1. Having reliable, consistent AI-generated packing of items into appropriately-sized cartons reduces corrugated and filler costs, chances of damage, and dimensional weight (DIM) fees. It also helps improve your customers’ sustainability experiences associated with your brand.
  2. Determining the most transportation cost-effective carton, pallet, and container selection at any point in the fulfillment process.
  3. Ensuring the right size and number of containers are scheduled for loading at the dock and in the right sequence.

​No matter where an item is shipped from, guessing the best way to pack, palletize, and load a container is no longer going to cut it. Get a demo of Transtream today and see for yourself how taking the guesswork out of the process with AI-generated containerization can help shippers pack and load for profits.

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