With UPS and FedEx's recent change in dimensional weight rating factors, more shippers are seeing unexpected dimensional weight charges on their carrier invoices. Pierbridge and Postea have announced an agreement to integrate Transtream with QubeVu dimensioning and cubing systems as a way to reduce these charges.

"QubeVu will make it easy for shippers to automate dimensioning of items in inventory," said Bob Malley, Pierbridge CEO. "This will enable Transtream's Opdimization feature to calculate more accurate shipping cost estimates in order entry and more cost-effective packing in fulfillment."

In a single, instantaneous scan, QubeVu's patented 3D dimensioning technology can capture weight, dimensions, and images of shipments for verification and claims protection. Transtream's integration with QubeVu will ensure capture of more accurate weight and dimensions at point of shipping, and also store a picture of the shipment as part of the shipping transaction.

"We are excited to be working with Pierbridge," said Omar Dajani, CEO of IGI (a Postea company). "We expect our combined technologies will bring significant innovations and enhancements to e-commerce, express logistics inbound and outbound freight, supply chain, and retail applications. Best of all, our imaging capabilities will create a new generation of advanced visibility and informed delivery solutions. Customers will know what's coming well before it arrives."

Transtream QubeVu solutions are expected to be launched in May 2017.