The best partnerships are often between companies that provide two sides of the same coin. Take Pierbridge’s recently announced partnership with Rice Lake Weighing Systems [RLWS], which finds natural synergy between Rice Lake subsidiary iDimension’s physical weighing and measuring scales and Pierbridge’s multi-carrier management system’s dimensional rate shopping algorithms.

“RLWS and Pierbridge’s customers are looking for the most effective way to reduce cost and improve compliance,” says Omar Dajani, Strategic Accounts Director, Dimensioning and Postal for Rice Lake Weighing Systems. “Transtream’s integration with iDimension devices enables shippers to check parcel and freight shipment weight and dimensions at the point of shipping for more accurate rating, error reduction, and packing content image verification.”

Rice Lake is a family-owned, ISO 9001-certified corporation, which has been manufacturing and distributing weight and measurement products since 1946. It has developed and manufactured dimensioning solutions for every shipping need — from flats and poly bags to pallets and LTL freight.

“With today’s capacity crunch, carrier DIM factors are increasing shipping costs and turning away additional volumes. Transtream’s dimensional rate shopping capabilities enable shippers to make the most transportation cost-effective way of packing cartons, building pallets, and loading containers during the wave picking process,” says Chris Brejak, Vice President of Sales at Pierbridge. “They can then use Rice Lake dimensioning scales to ensure orders were packed properly to avoid unexpected DIM charges.”

Dimension weighing technology is essential to companies transitioning from manual, time-consuming processes to modern, streamlined ones. Combining RLWS’s iDimension systems with Transtream’s containerization AI, shippers not only save both time and money, but also reduce corrugated costs, fill, damage, and returns.

A ‘portfolio of solutions’

“Pierbridge and RLWS iDimension provide a portfolio of solutions that help shippers control dimensioning quality across their logistics processes,” adds Dajani. “iDimension is used to verify dimensions to determine the most transportation cost-effective way to pack cartons, build pallets, and load containers. Transtream takes the guesswork out of transportation decisions during order entry and the wave picking process.”

The partnership is expected to deliver plenty of benefits by providing shippers with the advantage of both companies’ packing technologies leading to:

  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Improved vendor compliance
  • Reduced waste and damage
  • Optimized customer sustainability experience
  • Improved efficiencies

To learn more about how the combined power of Transtream and Rice Lake cartonization and packaging technology can reduce your shipping costs, click here.