Pierbridge announced today that GlobalPost services will be available in the next release (8.17) of its multi-carrier enterprise shipping software, Transtream.

GlobalPost provides an economical way to ship lightweight (under 4.4 lbs.) to over 220 countries using USPS's global delivery network. GlobalPost delivers cost savings to shippers by sorting, bundling, and routing USPS packages within their consolidation facilities. GlobalPost Standard International service offers door-to-door tracking to 31 countries and takes care of all international documentation. In addition, GlobalPost offers free USPS boxes and envelopes.

"More than ever, shippers are looking for ways to reduce shipping costs, especially eCommerce businesses who have to compete with Amazon Prime," said Bob Malley, Pierbridge CEO. "By adding GlobalPost to its network of carrier services, Transtream users can save money and simplify their international shipping processes."

Transtream release 8.17 will be available October 27, 2017.