As we turn the page from 2021 to 2022, most of our time is spent looking ahead to what the shipping and logistics industry holds for the New Year. However, spending a few minutes looking back at the top stories and trends of 2021 can help retailers, eCommerce, 3PLs, and other parcel shippers understand where last-mile delivery stands the calendar flips.

Here are four of our most-read Parcel Insight blogs of 2021:

Cross-Border Shipping Needs to Keep Pace with Cross-Border Selling

As lockdowns and working from home forced more consumers to shop digitally, they also became more apt to shop from stores located across the world as across town. With this trend not expected to slow down anytime soon, managing international delivery from the first mile through the final mile is even more important for shippers.

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Regrouping Retailers and 3PLs Ready to Join the Omnichannel Logistics Landscape

Another trend that accelerated during 2021 that shows little signs of slowing down is the increased participation of 3PLs as part of the omnichannel logistics supply chain as retailers, and e-tailers turn to them to help get packages from warehouses to doorsteps.

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Customers Want Fast, Free, and Sustainable Shipping. Can You Deliver?

Today’s consumers want the best of all worlds. They want fast deliveries. They want sustainable deliveries. They want free deliveries. If customers don’t get the fast, free, and sustainable shipping they want, they won’t hesitate to click the next retailer that shows up on their Google search.

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6 Parcel Shipping and Logistic Trends That Will Outlast the Pandemic

If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that shopping and last-mile shipping will never be the same again. However, several others will outlast the pandemic in addition to some of the trends touched upon above.

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2021 was a challenging year for logistics. Nobody is sure what 2022 will hold for retail and eCommerce shipping. But, hopefully, looking back will give you a head start on your planning for parcel and last-mile shipping this year.

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