Editor: The following is an introduction to Pierbridge’s newest partner, SmartKargo.

Innovative new carrier, SmartKargo, delivers cost savings, improved delivery time, sustainability, and ecommerce success

In recent times, there has been much innovation in the logistics space to support eCommerce shipping and delivery. Investments in logistics were over $24 billion last year, according to McKinsey & Company. Many of these investments are related to building a better mouse trap with technology that improves the entire ecosystem. And recently, the ecosystem has been front and center for these investments. Many retailers are looking for options for last-mile delivery, they are looking for Alternative Delivery Networks to enable options for the established players in the small package delivery marketplace.

What is an Alternative Delivery Network? It is a system of existing providers for first and last-mile and mid-mile that are linked with superior technology and provides insights from the Dock-to-Door. The benefits of this type of network are:

  • Enhanced time & transit
  • Happier customers
  • Unconventional and advantageous pricing
  • Price certainty
  • Flexible
  • Sustainable

These networks address the frustration amongst eCommerce and small package shippers as they seek to meet cost pressures and customer expectations for timely and reliable delivery.

SmartKargo is an Alternative Delivery Network. SmartKargo enables 2-day package delivery at the speed of flight across the country via a partnership with domestic airlines. This allows ecommerce shippers to compete with delivery companies and deflate their extensive fee structure and need to fit their network, which often puts many retailers at a serious service disadvantage when it comes to product delivery. We leverage existing first and last mile assets to deliver in 2-days.

Alternative delivery network offers a way for shippers to reduce accessorial fees

While shipping prices can initially appear reasonable, established shippers in the small package delivery space are experiencing a range of accessorial fees, such as fuel surcharges, weekend delivery, delivery area surcharges, and more. These unexpected fees are escalating the actual price of shipping, impacting an organization's bottom line. Therefore, companies need simple, transparent pricing and reporting.

Logistics innovations are being driven by marketplace changes and, ultimately, the desires of the end customers. These innovations also create new opportunities that help drive expanded consumer options by optimizing the entire value chain, including the last mile. The pandemic showed us that the logistics ecosystem needs to be connected, in much the same way that the events of 9/11 showed banks that they needed to be fully digital—since checks could not be physically delivered when planes were grounded. Today, the logistics community is learning the importance of being fully connected.   

Offering a disruption to the logistics ecosystem

Innovation in the logistics ecosystem is being embraced by entrenched companies, start-ups, and many forward-thinking eCommerce companies. Companies like Fillogic, Flexport, and Veho are disputing the status quo. And there are companies like American Eagle that have created Air Terra to be their delivery arm and help generate a potential new revenue stream. The space is changing, and innovative change creates opportunity, drives efficiency, and a better delivery experience for your customer.  

"Necessity is the mother of invention"—a time-tested proverb that we often take for granted, is one that applies now more than ever. We know that innovation has always driven competition and that competition drives better pricing and services. A decade or so ago, it was a challenge to connect the dots—from the front-end eCommerce shopping carts to eCommerce engines, product inventory, and others in the logistics chain. Then came the API economy, which today enables a fully connected process from the online transaction to product delivery. The advanced state of logistics innovation means that it can all be connected directly or through hubs—thus driving the revolution of the logistics ecosystem we see today. Our Alternative Delivery Network is innovative, technology-driven, and a better mousetrap.

To learn more about SmartKargo’s Alternative Delivery Network, join us for a 10-minute webinar on Tuesday, October 18 at 2 PM EST by registering here.