Congratulations to our partners at Agile Network on their acquisition of Pantechnik!

CHESTERFIELD, Mo., Oct.10, 2016 - Agile Network, a leading provider of multi-carrier and multi-modal transportation execution technology in North America, announced it has reached an agreement for the acquisition of Pantechnik International, a leading provider of transportation execution technology in Europe and Asia.

"Expanding Agile Network's reach into Asia and Europe is a key component of the Agile Network long-term strategic plan. Pantechnik International has operated in Singapore, London, and Amsterdam and has helped pioneer technology in the international transportation industry, providing the ideal platform for our expansion. As we explored the market, we were impressed with the Pantechnik customer base, their track record of delivering solutions worldwide, and their technological expertise and execution experience," explained Kevin V. Cox, CEO, Agile Network.

Mark Nicholls, CEO of Pantechnik International stated, "Our founder was a pioneer in this industry and we have always believed the market now requires a solution that is robust, and scalable while at the same time working with the unique local requirements of transportation markets in Europe and Asia. The combination of Agile Network and Pantechnik International, makes that achievable."

Agile Network and Pantechnik International will be the primary solution of choice for shippers with multi-national operations. The combined operation will continue to expand its global presence while maintaining its existing regional operations. The merger is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2017.