In today’s dynamic logistics environment, technology partnerships can create synergies that will provide shippers with the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition by improving delivery performance. All while saving money.

As reported in DC Velocity earlier this month, Pierbridge has partnered with Banyan Technology to help third-party logistics (3PL) companies greatly expand their transportation management capabilities.

This partnership will help 3PLs automate routing, rating, shipping, and tracking first- and last-mile residential delivery services via a network of over 1,500 parcel, freight, and local carriers.

"As eCommerce accelerates demand for faster and more cost-effective last-mile delivery capabilities, Banyan's extensive network of local carrier and white glove services will help shippers ship from locations closer to their customers, reducing delivery times and costs," said Pierbridge Managing Director Bob Malley in the partnership announcement.

Malley and Lance Healy, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Banyan Technology, recently described new capabilities that will enable 3PLs to support shippers’ omnichannel strategies in a webinar, which is now available on-demand. During the webinar, Malley and Healy discussed some of the best plays for 3PLs to help shippers from all industries ship better globally, including:

  • Managing a multi-carrier environment
  • Providing analytics to benchmark carrier rates and performance
  • Improving SEO and upselling by encouraging returns processing from client websites
  • Generating accurate and compliant international export forms and documentation
  • Negotiating DIM factors

As 3PLs continue to see the growth of eCommerce resulting in smaller, more frequent shipments delivered locally, the Banyan and Pierbridge partnership will help shippers navigate the multi-carrier environment, saving them time and money.