Tulsa, Okla. (May 24, 2017) - Logistyx Technologies (www.logistyx.com), the instant leader in transportation management execution (TME), today announced its new operations and identity after Kidd & Company, LLC (“KCO”) and McLarty Capital Partners, LLC (“MCP”) merged Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc. (ADSI), Agile Network (Agile) and Pantechnik International (Pantechnik) to form the world’s first global parcel analytics platform.

“These software solution providers have succeeded in this market through customer focus and innovation; they combine the software architecture, applications, sales and implementation skills, and global carrier network and integrations to become the obvious TME provider of choice to a wide range of shippers,” said Gerry DeBiasi, a partner at KCO. “At a time when shippers rely heavily on fragmented systems that automatically select carriers based on cost, speed and service, joining these complementary forces together answers a need for a comprehensive global solution.”

Logistyx Technologies combines and builds on the established and complementary successes of three dominant TME companies, which represent over two billion annual parcels and 5,000 carrier relationships and have earned many recent industry honors, including:

· The only Diamond Compatible Solution Provider recommended by FedEx (2014-17)

· 2017 FedEx Compatible Solutions Provider of the Year

· UPS Platinum Partner (UPS Ready Professional Service Providers)

· USPS MAC Gold system certification


Logistyx Technologies serves shippers sending any type of parcel, from small envelopes to bulk freight, to consumers and businesses across North America, Europe, the Middle East and AsiaPacific. Shippers working with Logistyx Technologies enjoy the benefits of edge computing, leveraging the power and collaboration capabilities of the cloud with the speed and agility of onsite tools and technology.

“E-commerce will continue to grow rapidly across the globe, and this helps explain how the parcel market is growing at twice the rate of gross domestic product,” said Kevin V. Cox, CEO of Logistyx Technologies and former CEO of Agile Network. “These businesses had already established partnerships and integrated their technologies; so Logistyx hits the ground running, instantly able to better serve its customers.”

Several industry leaders join Cox on the Logistyx Technologies management team, including Ken Fleming, chief product and marketing officer; Linda Elliott Zider, chief revenue officer; and Peter Nicholls, chief technology officer.