Tech Tip Tuesday - Comparing Carrier Ground Rates Can Save You Time and Money

Posted on May 07, 2019

Every day, shippers are faced with the growing complexity of ground options and differing service coverage areas making it difficult to select the “best” carrier for their organization’s shipping needs. This leads to them having to have a multi-carrier strategy that requires a multi-carrier software system.

Transtream users understand the value of Intelligent Rate Shopping because it ensures they meet customer expectations for delivery at the lowest cost while helping shippers provide consumers more options for carriers and service.

For example:

  • Ground Service maps are not the same between the two major carriers although the service name is the same
  • For instance, the options for most of Tennessee are Two-Day Ground with one carrier and Three-Day with the other
  • Southern California is 5-days for both carriers, but the shape and size of the 5-day coverage is different at the edges changing the delivery timeline depending on carrier chosen

Being able to find this out, evaluate, print labels, and ship quickly and accurately, is key to being successful in not only reducing costs, but giving customers what they want from their shopping and shipping experience.

By using rate shopping as seen in the Tech Tip Demo Video, users are able to find out the best option quickly.

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