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Improve visibility and control over desktop and mail center shipping expense management.

Increasingly Mail Centers are being asked to handle more than just mail. Parcel, courier, inter-office and sometimes the occasional freight shipments are required. Transteam provides a Mail Center app that enables multi-modal shipping execution and other capabilities that Mail Centers use to centrally manage office shipping. Transtream Mail Center will access and authorize shipment requisitions created at the desktop, as well as generate bulk shipments for mail lists. Expenses are tracked by cost center for chargeback purposes.

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Companies work hard to negotiate favorable carrier contracts and reduce shipping costs in fulfillment.  And yet, they let money fly out the window when it comes to controlling employee shipping expenditures.  Or they let carrier systems make rate shopping decisions for them.  Or they let unauthorized "rogue shipping" go unchecked.  No other area of procurement has less expense control.

Download Transtream Office Brief for an overview of how you can automate desktop and mail center shipping while controlling expenses.  Transtream makes it easy and convenient for employees to comply with corporate expense policies in the office or at home.

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