How Personal Shipping
          Delivers Big Benefits

How Personal Shipping Delivers Big Benefits Webinar

In today’s competitive environment, organizations are looking for benefits they can offer at little or no cost that can not only help them attract top talent but also improve productivity and employee engagement at the same time in an effort to retain this talent.

At some point, most people need to ship a personal package – important paperwork, a gift for a friend or a family member, items sold online, etc. Many large organizations have formally or informally supported personal shipping over the years. Either by allowing their employees to ship on the organization’s carrier account and recovering fees afterward, by building custom solutions that integrate into the mail center, or by turning a blind eye to rogue shipping where employees take extra time off during the day to ship or charge their shipping on the company’s account. 

Enabling personal shipping is a no-cost benefit that needs little or no maintenance, and it will enhance your benefits programs, reduce shipping costs, improve cost accountability, and keep people safe, secure, and productive by allowing them to ship from their desk with their payment method of choice, taking the company out of the equation. 

This on-demand webinar features Pitney Bowes’ Director of Carrier Management Solutions Tom Hazel and Pierbridge’s Vice President of Product Management Mike Graves who  show how adding actual packages to your benefits package can deliver big benefits, such as:

  • Improved engagement, recruitment, and retention
  • Increased productive time
  • Reduced “rogue” shipping
  • Reduced accounting processing times and headaches
  • Eliminate unrecoverable shipping costs and post-shipment charges
  • Reduced shipping costs with discounted carrier rates

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