Global shopping and shipping are here to stay — technology will see to that. With the click of a button on a smartphone, today’s consumers are as likely to buy a product from around the world as they are around the corner.

Relying on one-off parcel shipments can be a logistical nightmare as you try to manage a worldwide local delivery network in destination countries with varying customs regulations, languages, and customer expectations. Meanwhile, shipping individual parcels with leading global carriers may be driving up costs at the same time.

Join Mike Graves VP, Product Management for this on-demand webinar as he pulls back the curtain on the ways cross-border consolidation, in conjunction with a powerful multi-carrier management solution, can help shippers by looking at how:

  • A multi-carrier management platform can solve cross-border delivery challenges by automating major carrier global shipping services—whether express, economy or freight— providing real-time rating, and tracking shipments with the ability to drill-down to package and line item detail
  • Cross-border consolidation of individual parcels into a single container to be opened up and injected into a local delivery network can save you customs hassles and speed up delivery time to meet customer expectations
  • To integrate this all with UPS, FedEx, and DHL streamlining international shipping
  • and more