Cut the Costs of Rogue Personal Shipping with Transtream

Posted on September 10, 2019

Employees sending personal shipments are costing companies whether they realize it or not. 

Sometimes the losses come from allowing employees to ship their personal parcels on corporate accounts with the hope of recovering the costs from payroll deduction or other methods. Sometimes the losses come from employees taking time away from their desks to stand in seemingly endless lines at a drop-off location—and those lines aren’t going to get any shorter as the holidays approach. Sometimes, the losses are even more direct as employees slip their package into the company’s shipments or use the corporate account to send a package anywhere in the world, a problem we call “rogue shipping.”

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Rogue Shipping: The Silent Drain on Company Resources

Posted on September 03, 2019
Transtream Personal Shipping

Recently, we came across a forum from about a year ago at Alignable where a question had sparked an online discussion about employees receiving personal packages at work. The debate was fairly tame as these mostly small businesses discussed the positive and negative effects of allowing personal deliveries to be made to the office, which is now a common occurrence as online shopping continues to grow.  

However, one person brought up the concept of employees shipping packages from the office. 

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Personal Shipping Delivers Big Benefits to Large Enterprises

Posted on August 27, 2019
Personal shipping benefits

Enhance benefits programs, reduce shipping costs, improve cost accountability, and keep people safe, secure, and productive with Transtream Personal Shipping

At some point, most people need to ship a personal package – important paperwork, a gift for a friend or a family member, items they’ve sold online, etc. Many large organizations formally or informally support personal shipping by allowing their employees to ship on their corporate carrier accounts and work to recover fees afterward, or by turning a blind eye to rogue shipping.  Accurately accounting for and recovering personal shipping costs can be an administrative headache.  

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CBP Announces Intention to Start Testing Automated Customs Clearance of De Minimis Shipments

Posted on August 20, 2019
Cross-border Global eCommerce Customs Clearance
Photo by VanveenJF on Unsplash

Last month, we posted a blog about how upcoming changes in U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulations are expected to greatly streamline customs clearance for cross-border parcel shipments.

As we discussed, statistics indicate that online shoppers are getting increasing comfortable buying from merchants located in other countries. This has resulted in a “parcel tsunami” at the borders and has overwhelmed freight forwarders and customs officials who are used to handling much larger shipments.  

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Regulatory Changes Shipping Pros Need to Know in 2019 and How Technology Can Bridge the Gap

Posted on August 13, 2019
Dangerous Goods Compliance

UPDATE: We recently co-hosted a webinar with Labelmaster where we discussed not only staying up-to-date with regulations, but also how to handle the challenges and opportunities of the emerging omnichannel shipping world in which more shippers are operating when shipping dangerous goods. Read this guest blog written by Labelmaster's Brian Beetz to make sure you are aware of some of this year's regulations and then watch the on-demand webinar "How to Stay Dangerous Goods Compliant and Optimize Parcel Shipping in the Brave New Omnichannel Shipping World” to hear him and Pierbridge's Scott Moore discuss the best way to overcome the challenges facing retailers and others shipping from an endless aisle. 

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The Challenges of Cross-Border Shipping Growing Along with the Parcel Cargo Chain

Posted on August 06, 2019
Parcel Cargo Chain

As more consumers use their connected devices to shop from an endless aisle, retail and eCommerce players are increasingly shipping from omnichannel fulfillment points where inventory is closer to their customers. But not only is eCommerce as a whole growing, cross-border shopping is growing at about twice the rate of domestic eCommerce, which means that omnichannel fulfillment networks are extending to overseas suppliers. 

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Parcel Shipping by the Numbers

Posted on July 30, 2019
Global Parcel Growth Infographic

The continuing growth of eCommerce has led to what we have termed a global parcel tsunami. Additionally, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers’ utilization of an omnichannel, multi-carrier strategy to deliver customers’ products faster and cheaper, whether they are around the corner or around the world, is pushing parcel numbers even higher. 

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CBP Electronic Filing Processes Will Greatly Streamline Inbound Parcel Customs Clearance

Posted on July 23, 2019

As described in our recent blog on the topic, eCommerce has driven global parcel shipment volumes sky high. Consumers are more comfortable than ever buying from eCommerce vendors located overseas. This has resulted in an avalanche of inbound packages that has overwhelmed U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) resources, whose systems have historically been geared to processing larger containers. This is expected to change in Q4/2019.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: The Ground vs. LTL Choice

Posted on July 16, 2019

UPDATE: There are times of the year that we know our wonderful, and helpful content may be missed. The week of July 4th is just one of those occasions. We hate to think that you might miss something as important as making a choice between ground and LTL for your shipping, so we decided to post this again to make sure you get this valuable information [well, that and our blog editor is on vacation]. 

As the distinction between parcel and freight modes continues to blur, smart shippers save money by comparing the aggregate cost of individual parcels with total freight costs. 

However, switching back and forth between multiple systems to compare parcel and freight pricing is time-consuming and prone to errors. When time is of the essence, shipping personnel sometimes take the path of least resistance and pick the mode they are most familiar with or easiest to process, which can lead to lost profits.

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Omnichannel Shipping Gets More Complex When You Mix in Dangerous Goods

Posted on July 09, 2019

You’re working hard to satisfy customers’ demands for fast, free delivery. This means that you are shipping from multiple locations and using multiple carriers to not only get products to customers quickly but to keep costs down as well. However, you realize how difficult managing a decentralized cargo chain can be.

Oh, and on top of that, you need to make sure every shipment is fully compliant with Dangerous Goods (DG) regulations too, adding to the complex management omnichannel shippers are already facing. 

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