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eCommerce and Retail

Omni-Channel Shipping

Transtream is the one omni-channel platform you need to support multiple shipping requirements across your retail enterprise.

Shopping Cart: Embed rate shopping, hold at location, tracking and returns Widgets into your website and reduce abandonment.

Compliance: Generate cross-border customs forms and hazardous material documentation, automatically.

Fulfillment: Automate production shipping by integrating with business systems, scanners, scales, printers, and material handling equipment.

Post-purchase: Automate shipment notifications and enable up-to-the-minute self-service tracking.

Stores: Provide your customers with more delivery choices by shipping merchandise from any of your stores around the world.

Returns: Transtream simplifies returns by enabling customers to generate labels and schedule pickups on your website.


Whether you do 5 or 500,000 shipments per day, Transtream performs.

Transtream automates rating, routing, shipping, tracking and returns for hundreds of carrier services.

Integration: Automate production shipping by integrating with business systems and material handling equipment.

Content Tracking: Use Transtream to track cartons on pallets in containers, right down to line item detail.

Reporting: Reduce your transportation costs by using Transtream data to analyze, plan, and execute shipping transactions.

Hazardous Material: Transtream helps you comply with regulatory mandates by auto-generating hazardous material forms and reports.

Cross-Border: Transtream supports drop shipping and international freight-to-parcel consolidated customs clearance.


Accuracy and visibility: Sometimes a life depends on it.

Transtream provides 360 degree tracking of medical material shipped between hospitals, labs and healthcare professionals.

Lab Sample Shipping: Embed Transtream Widgets within lab websites to provide healthcare providers with a convenient and secure way to ship.

Receiving: Automatically log and acknowledge receipt of medical samples to ensure chain of custody reporting.

Schedule Pickups: Manage carrier pickup schedules to ensure on-time delivery of critical medical material.

Tracking: Optimize and prioritize staffing by monitoring inbound shipments of critical medical shipments.

Office Services

Convenience and Cost Control.

Government agencies, financial services, legal offices and mailing operations use Transtream to account for shipping expenditures.

User Authorization: Reduce unauthorized use of carrier services by controlling employee access across corporate and home offices.

Rate Shopping: Transtream applies business rules to ensure all employees use the right carrier service... every time.

Desktop & Mobile: Simple, browser-based apps make it easy to print carrier labels or shipment authorization forms, from anywhere.

Cost Center Accounting: Ensure all shipping expenditures are tracked, down to the penny.

Address Books: Manage access rights to corporate and personal address books and distribution lists. Validate addresses to ensure accurate and timely delivery.

Batch Processing: With one click, generate thousands of labels.


Integrating carrier services with shipper systems is a snap.

HubCapp makes it easy to integrate and adapt carrier services to your customers' websites, devices, and enterprise data sources.

Website Integration: Use HubCapp to connect to customer on-premise or SaaS order data and automate carrier website shipping.

Multi-carrier: Enhance your customers’ existing portfolio of carrier options with your transportation and logistics services.

Device Integration: Automate weighing and printing by connecting your web solutions directly to your customers' local devices.

Advanced solutions: Adapt to your customers’ most complex requirements with simple Transtream solutions.

eCommerce integration: Plug your carrier services directly into your customers' shopping cart, tracking or returns portal.